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I teach a 3rd grade student with a total vision impairment who is main streamed into a regular PE setting.  His basic skills are lacking due to him being pulled out of PE(and other classes) for him to attend his special ed classes (braille and mobility training) for the past few years (at at least 2 different schools).  I am trying to include him in every activity we do.  So far, things are going well.  I have gotten him some adapted equipment and he is excited to try anything!  

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to include him in basic team sports with offense and defense?  For example, Flickerball (passing a beeper ball from teammate to teammate before passing to the goalie to score points).  I am not quite sure how to adapt the game so that defenders don’t have an advantage.  Should defenders freeze, in place, while he has the ball?  Other suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated!


Karen Fisher

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