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For an advocacy assignment that I have been working on for class, I am advocating the obesity epidemic. This epidemic has been a big problem in our country for almost half a century, I am trying to come up with ways that I can promote to people that they need to be aware of it and get others aware of it as well. We can make little changes each day that will help reduce the percent of Americans that are overweight or obese. One thing that is a cause for this epidemic is the food environment we live in, people now more than ever buy food from restaurants and fast food places instead of staying home and making a nice meal. McDonald’s and Burger King are getting old! It is time that American citizens start to care more about their health than what is on the dollar menu. Also another cause is the technology that is being sold now a days, people spend more time looking at a screen that they do being outside and being active. I understand people work and life happens to a lot of us, but I do not want to see our children of the future get caught in to this epidemic because that is where the problem can be solved. If we can get the younger generation to see this epidemic as a problem now, then when they are older and maturing they will be more self conscious about what they are eating. I want to start to tackle this epidemic as soon as possible because if we don’t, the percentages will only rise.

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