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It seems like a night of numbers. 1, 953, 31, 270, and .283

#SHAPETampa is my 1st National Convention & Expo as a SHAPE America team member and I can’t wait for April to get here. Our team is honored, grateful and excited that 953 proposals were submitted from members of our community for the 2019 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo. 31 volunteers participated in the review process this year starting with the blind review and finishing with the notifications. Those committee volunteers spanned from Washington State to Florida and even out into our international community.  SHAPE members who teach in schools, supervise in central offices and are part of distinguished faculties in higher education contributed to our review and selection process. Our committee included specialists in physical education, health education, dance, physical activity, research and sport.

When our call goes out for reviewers for #SHAPESaltLakeCity those with interest should know that the committee is charged with a near impossible task for the number of session slots is far less than the number of applicants. This year the number of slots was 270 session slots.    .283 is a great batting average but an awfully challenging acceptance rate. The competition is real, and the community is strong. These are not easy decisions.

It takes a lot of courage to fill out the proposal form. There can be some emotional risk to those who challenge themselves to submit a proposal. Please know that we truly respect your submission and are honored that you want to contribute to our community. Our committee looks for sessions that are unique and focus on the latest trends in the field. When multiple sessions on similar topics are submitted our committees often are unable to accept proposals; not because of the quality of the proposal but due to our desire to have as many topics as possible presented at the convention as well as to offer balance between the many components of our organization.

One of the questions, I’ve gotten in my time in Reston is, “Will SHAPE America give me feedback on my proposal?” I’m pleased to say the answer to that is YES! Of course we will communicate with you and answer questions. What we can share with you is the feedback that our review committee gave us and we are happy to do that. 

In order to facilitate that communication, you are welcome to reach out to me via email at I will personally be having a feedback day for anyone who wishes to make an appointment to talk 1:1 on Tuesday 11/6 from 9 AM Eastern to 11 PM Eastern. Appointments are available in 10 minute blocks. Email with 3 preferred times on 11/6 and I will respond with your appointment time. Please be available to talk via video chat or phone at your designated time.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our process and our numbers tonight. Thank you for being part of our community and thank you for your participation leading up to #SHAPETampa.

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