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As a member of the SHAPE’s Physical Activity Council, I am excited to share with you the new

infographic on PE vs PA. This was a joint effort between the PA Council and SHAPE’s Physical

Education Council to come up with an advocacy piece that can be used as the “elevator”

speech about the importance of PE and PA and why it is important to have both in a school

setting. This piece can be used with fellow staff and colleagues, administration and school

board members, as well as parents and students. I cannot express the importance of

advocating for our profession. Even if you are not comfortable going to Washington, DC for

SHAPE America’s Speak Out Day, or to your state’s capital and speaking with legislators, we

can all advocate at the local grassroots level. In fact, you are advocating for our profession

every day to your students, when you deliver high-quality physical education.

I believe it is important physical education professionals know the importance physical

education plays in the overall role of educating our students. This infographic gives us the tool

to share that message when advocating for our profession.

I believe that it is important to let others know that physical activity is important, as well.

Effective physical education is the base or foundation that leads to meaningful physical activity.

Physical activity is where students can practice what has been taught and learned in the

physical education classroom. They complement one another and without one you don’t have

the other when it comes to the overall physical development of children.

Please take advantage of the “tools” SHAPE America has to offer to our profession. Here is the

link to the PE vs PA infographic:  

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  1. Kevin Hemmings

    The infographics look great! As a West Chester University Teacher Candidate, I see these as invaluable tools. These posters should be in every gymnasium across the country. The infographics are not only great to help our students understand the standards that affect them every single day but to also show anyone not familiar with the world of physical education. When advocating for physical activity and education, whether it be for funding, time, equipment, or anything else, a teacher or administrator can use these posters to push their agenda in a simple to understand way. Thank you for sharing them with us here. In addition to the posters you brought up some great points about advocacy that are extremely helpful to me as I enter the professional world. You couldn’t be more right when you say we advocate for physical activity and physical education each day when we go to work and teach. When a lot of people think of advocating they think of things to do on a national level. Advocacy on a local level is just as important as we continue to work toward providing physical education and physical activity opportunities for every child.

  2. Devon Hennessey

    Hello Mark, as a student studying health and physical education at West Chester University, I could not agree more! I think the idea of explaining the difference between physical education and physical activity is so important in our field. We have to advocate to the other professionals in our building and also our students. I loved your point explaining how physical educators advocate for physical activity every day that we go to work and teach a high-quality lesson. I think the posters that are attached are a great resource and should be used in every school. The posters are a great way to explain or show individuals what physical education and physical activity are in an easy to understand way. The posters also are great for students to reference during class or after. Thank you for the resources and continuing to advocate for our profession to give all students the opportunity to have physical education and activity in school.

  3. Mark Pegula

    Hello, as a West Chester University Teacher Candidate studying health & physical education I could not agree with you more in what you just explained. The posters that you provided were great visual aids and help to remind students what they are working toward to keep them motivated. It was also a great point that you made about physical educators advocating for their profession every time they provide a meaningful lesson to their students. Some people may still have the view that we teach physical activity but practices like the ones you are implementing will soon change that perception and prove that we teach physical education, which helps leads students to a lifetime of physical activity. I plan to use visual aids, like the posters you provided, in my future teachings. Thank you for sharing your ideas with the community.

  4. Rylee Christine Power

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you so much for your thoughts on the PE vs PA infographic. I love the idea of this promoting both physical education and physical activity at the same time in the gym. Some people might think that by just having your students doing physical activity that this is all a physical education teacher does. It is important to point out the fact that if a student just does the physical activity they are not learning what they are doing and why they are doing it. By teaching your students the WHY, this will encourage them to continue to do physical activity for a lifetime. I really liked how the infographic explains what the difference between PE and PA are and how it shows the importance of including both in your classes. I will definitely share this with my future students! Thanks again!

  5. Brian P. Ross

    Hello Mark, as a West Chester University Teacher Candidate, I could not agree with the thoughts expressed in this post more! I feel that physical education is the base knowledge that is taught to students that allows them to participate in quality physical activity. I also feel that advocating for what we believe in is the only way to get others to realize that a topic is important. I feel that people underestimate the importance of physical activity and physical education and the infographic is a nice tool to be able to use when trying to prove a point. As a student member of SHAPE I understand the importance of advocating for our profession and that we are the only ones who will do so. I completely agree with the fact that we advocate for physical activity and physical education every day when we teach our students and I feel that it is important to communicate the importance to our students. Thank you for providing the resources.

  6. Mark Foellmer Post author

    I want to thank you all for your feedback and thoughts about the PE vs PA Infographic. Working collaboratively, the PEC and PAC wanted to design a product that would be helpful when talking about the difference and importance of both Physical Education and Physical Activity in a student’s education. Our hope was to produce a quick and easily understood informational piece that could be used with Administration, Parents and Students when advocating for our profession.