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I am looking for a basic health curriculum, lessons, or workbook to use with 19-20 year old students with severe disabilities.   Thanks!

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  1. Shonna Snyder

    off the top of my head, I do not know of a specific HE curriculum specific to students with disabilities. I think this would be a very difficult curriculum to write given the individuality of each student’s issues. I am a fan of but this is not free and will be shutting down soon. The other option I might lead you to is These are skills-based by grade level. This should make it easier to modify for each individual student and their capabilities.
    let me know if you have other specific questions and I will try to help.

    Shonna Snyder, PhD, CHES
    HPE Program Coordinator
    Gardner-Webb University

  2. Morgan Gottel

    Hi Kate,

    I am not a teacher yet, however I may have access to some materials through my university’s adapted e programs. What topics were you looking to cover?