Advocating for PE/HEReduction and Mangement of stress.

I am advocating for the Reduction of stress/anxiety/depression in all types of environments. In school stress and anxiety takes a toll on all students at different levels. With the research that I have been conducting it is evident that proper management of stressors using  Stress Reduction Tactics, or SRTs, will, in fact show lower stress […]

webinar titled “Movement Activity Labs That Enhance Whole Brain Learning,” on Thursday March 28, 2019.

Description: Brain research supports the connection between movement & learning (i.e. exercise enhances cognitive processing). Movement activities enhance whole brain learning, which develops emotional stabilization, focus, attention, self-expression, math & reading scores & access parts of the underdeveloped brain. Learn how SPECIFIC movements: are linked to & improve memory retention, reinforce academic concepts, & balance […]

Viewpoint: Building a Kinder, Healthier and More Active Future  

A recent piece in the Atlantic highlights a provocative statement that cites student truancy and other school disciplinary problems as a result of physical education. As the CEO for SHAPE America – Society for Health and Physical Educators, a national nonprofit organization representing 200,000+ professionals in the field, I was very disappointed to see this […]