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It’s been about five years since the CDC put out its guidance document for schools outlining the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program framework. The basic principal behind this framework is that health and physical educators can lead the charge to create school environments that value physical activity as a right for all students on par with other academic values. The CSPAP is the blueprint for schools to include multiple and varied opportunities for students to engage in physical activity as a part of their everyday school experience with physical education class being the foundation. Digging into the CSPAP gave me a bigger picture understanding of the impact we can have in our school communities as physical educators and physical activity leaders. Many of the  PE teachers I know are already doing this kind of work over and above teaching classes, the CSPAP just gives it a name and a focus. As a member of the SHAPE America Physical Activity Council, I want to highlight for members the excellent CSPAP resource page on the SHAPE America website: This page is a great jumping off point to learn all about the CSPAP and unlock many of the excellent resources that are available to PE teachers interested in building a CSPAP at their schools. I also want to point out Active Schools website as a great resource as well.

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